Student Conduct Code

Article (1): This code shall be known as (the Code of Conduct for Students of the Smart College for Modern Education) and shall be implemented as of the date of its publication.


Article (2): The Smart College for Modern Education is a preeminent academic institution with a unique identity. It aims to promote and consolidate noble human values among college students and faculty in order to create an environment conducive to acquiring knowledge and enhancing morals. For that reason, it has worked to implement a code of conduct for students in college facilities.


Article: (3) This code of conduct applies to all Smart College for Modern Education students and outlines the college’s academic and non-academic rules, including building the student’s personality and preparing him to take on responsibility in a respectful, honest, and free environment on the college campus and all affiliated facilities. In addition, the Smart College for Modern Education licenses all activities inside and outside the college, including scientific and enjoyable trips, field visits, external practical training, and studying at another university under an agreement between the college and other universities.


Article (4): This Code aims to help students understand the consequences of breaching educational regulations and make responsible choices. In addition, the student ought to check the college’s laws, rules, and directions from the college’s website, the Office of Student Affairs, and lecturers.


Article (5): College students must follow this code. The student must follow the rules, even if he doesn’t know about them or disagrees with them. Registering at the college implicitly includes agreeing to and abiding by this code, and ignoring or breaching it could lead to college punishment and legal consequences.