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The Student Affairs Department serves as a crucial liaison between students and the administration, playing a central role in overseeing student affairs. Its primary objectives include fostering an conducive academic environment, addressing service-related needs, and assisting students in overcoming challenges they may encounter. Moreover, the department aims to cultivate a sense of mutual trust between students and the college administration, actively contributing to the resolution of academic, financial, and social issues that could impede students’ educational progress.


To truly understand the significance of the Student Affairs Department, one must recognize its pivotal role as the vibrant core of university life. Distinguished by its extracurricular nature, this department serves as an incubator for students’ creative endeavors, facilitating their participation in various fields.


In line with its mission, the Student Affairs Department upholds noble ideals and moral values. It actively rejects the notion of being a censoring entity that stifles student freedom, infringes upon privacy, or imposes undue restrictions on university life. Instead, the department aspires to reinforce students’ commitment to society’s higher values.


The Student Affairs Department encompasses the following sections:


Student Services Department:

   – Oversees student matters in collaboration with various college departments.

   – Ensures the quality of student-oriented services.

   – Conducts regular inspections of student facilities to ensure compliance with required standards.

   – Receives students’ suggestions and complaints, addressing disputes and escalating them to disciplinary councils when necessary.

   – Establishes communication channels with parents in cases of behavioral or academic violations.

   – Supervises student council elections, student blocks, and clubs to foster the development of well-rounded student personalities.

   – Facilitates collaborative efforts both within and outside the college, encouraging students’ active engagement in the local community.

   – Strives to alleviate financial barriers hindering students’ college enrollment by facilitating grants, exemptions, and social surveys.

   – Collaborates with the Student Loan Fund of higher educational institutions in Palestine to facilitate loan applications.



Student Activity Section:

   – Aims to provide students with opportunities to pursue their hobbies and further develop their skills.

   – Raises awareness among young individuals and enhances the university student’s personality.

   – Offers suitable facilities and an enabling environment for engaging in extracurricular activities through thoughtfully designed programs.

   – Cultivates a sense of responsibility and belonging among students.

   – Expands students’ experiences across diverse fields, promoting personal growth and the acquisition of life skills.

   – Organizes training courses, lectures, seminars, workshops, scientific and recreational trips.

   – Guides and supports students in discovering and nurturing their abilities, talents, and interests, while maintaining a comprehensive database.

   – Establishes activities serving the community, fostering participation in voluntary initiatives and charitable endeavors.

   – Coordinates and supervises both internal and external activities, locally and internationally.

   – Encourages participation in cultural, artistic, and sports activities and competitions at other universities and colleges.

   – Oversees the formation of technical teams (choir, scouts, drawing, writing, poetry, debates, etc.) and addresses their needs accordingly.


Department of Psychological and Vocational Counseling

The Department of Psychological and Vocational Counseling aims to provide specialized psychological, social, and vocational counseling services to all college students. Our primary objectives include assisting students in their personal and social development, enhancing their self-abilities, developing their skills, fostering excellence and creativity, helping them understand themselves and their abilities, and guiding them towards various academic majors offered by the college. We achieve these objectives through the following strategies:

– Guiding new students in identifying their professional tendencies to help them choose the appropriate specialization.

– Providing individual and group counseling interventions to support students in overcoming difficulties and problems they may face, such as behavioral issues and difficulties in adaptation.

– Implementing counseling, awareness, and prevention programs related to behavioral issues of interest to students.

– Organizing meetings and seminars on various topics, including politics, culture, nationality, society, and professions, to develop students’ abilities.

– Establishing partnerships with educational, psychological, and social counseling departments in Palestinian universities and schools to exchange experiences.


Alumni Affairs Department

The Alumni Affairs Department aims to provide opportunities and support for graduates to successfully integrate into the local, regional, and global job markets. We actively engage with partners in the provision of practical training, conduct assessments and studies, create databases, and gather feedback on issues relevant to graduates. Furthermore, we foster effective communication with alumni, monitor and share success stories, design and implement programs, activities, and forums, and sponsor alumni associations. These efforts contribute to strengthening alumni’s connection to their educational institution and country.


Department of Health Services

The Department of Health Services at the Smart College of Modern Education operates a medical clinic that offers comprehensive health care services and emergency first aid. The clinic is equipped with a range of medical tools, devices, and medications, including pills and injections, to address various health issues students may encounter. Additionally, we organize awareness lectures on public health and conduct health-related activities throughout the semester. These activities include medical examination days where students can undergo examinations such as blood group testing, dental check-ups, and diabetes screenings. We also offer health competitions and first aid courses, and collaborate with medical professionals to ensure efficient coordination, follow-up, and approval of medical reports. To facilitate efficient management of student health cases, we maintain electronic medical files for all students.



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