Scholarship System

Academic Excellence Scholarships

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. The student must have completed one semester at the college.
  2. During the excellence semester, he or she should not have been issued a behavior warning.
  3. Excellence semester hours must total at least 15 if all courses are successfully completed.
  4. Scholarship eligibility is extended quarterly based on the semester average, not cumulative.

Types of scholarships 

  1. Scholarship for the first in college: 100% of hourly fees if all previous requirements are satisfied, the college GPA is the highest, and the semester GPA is at least 90%. The scholarship does not cover additional fees or the cost of tools or equipment for the student’s major.
  2. Scholarship for the first in the specialty: 50% of hour fees if the qualifying conditions are satisfied, the highest average is at the specialization level, and the semester average is at least 88%. The scholarship does not cover additional fees or the cost of tools or equipment for the student’s major.
  3. GPA Scholarship: 30% of hourly fees for students with an average of 88% or higher who pass qualifying requirements and were not awarded first in the major.

Sibling Scholarship

  1. This scholarship is awarded to siblings who hold a first name, who prove this in the event of a distinction or change in the family name, and whose enrollment in college coincides for at least one semester.
  2. The scholarship is awarded to a sibling who is newly registered in the program.
  3. A specific secondary school high school GPA is not required for eligibility for this scholarship.
  4. When two or more siblings get together, the second sibling who joined the study recently gets a 15% discount on semester hours, including the first semester, and the third sibling who joined after the second gets a 15% scholarship.
  5. The exemption-eligible sibling has to keep a semester GPA of at least sixty percent (60%)
  6. If the eligible sibling receives another scholarship with a percentage higher than 15%, the non-eligible sibling is entitled, provided he does not also receive the scholarship.
  7. Exemption from the beneficiary student is voided if he graduates, withdraws, disapproves, if one of the two siblings doesn’t register at the same time, or if the beneficiary sibling is punished by denying him a scholarship.