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Microcontrollers Technology

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Microcontrollers Technology

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Academic Plan

This program represents a new challenge to meet the needs of the Palestinian market, since the enormous technological progress in this era requires exceptional skills from factory maintenance technicians or employees working in smartphones, and therefore this specialization comes with competitions, labs and workshops aimed at preparing the student to be a technician with high efficiency in the traditional and advanced control fields up to the micro-controllers

After completing the course, the student is able to study the theoretical courses, laboratories, and practical training.

Work on the preparation and development of conventional and logical programmed industrial control circuits (PLCs) for production lines at industrial plants.
Programming microcontrollers of various types and output, and designing and implementing controllers using Microcontroller.
Design and maintain electronic boards according to the purpose of use, replace and repair boards in production lines, and identify various types of breakdowns in various electronic and electrical circuits.
Write technical reports and work needs, organize a suitable work environment in different factories and institutions, and manage the technical process to deal with all production lines.
Master different electrical systems control methods.
The ability to combine several tiny systems with one another to produce a compatible system.
The linking of microsensors, embedded systems, and microcontrollers with the Internet and various communication networks.
Inspect and maintain all circuit and electrical system problems.
The application of occupational safety measures in the labor market.
Start thinking seriously about starting a pilot project in his area of specialization.

The maintenance divisions for the electronic devices of telecommunication companies.
Trade and marketing of electronic devices and cell phones.
General maintenance departments of various companies and shops.
Implementation of special projects in the field of the installation of surveillance cameras, alarms and controls.
Versatile Electronic Devices Maintenance Centers.
The installation, operation, programming and maintenance of electromechanical systems and embedded systems based on advanced control devices used in plants and plants.
Opening of a special pilot project in the field of installation, programming and maintenance of electromechanical systems.

This program consists of (two) academic years, with a total of (76) credit hours.

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