Entrepreneurship and Continuing Education Center

Entrepreneurship and Continuing Education Center

The establishment of the Leadership and Continuing Education Center:

The Smart College of Modern Education established the “Leadership and Continuing Education Center” as an integrated administrative unit in 2021. Its purpose is to serve as a bridge connecting the college with the community and extending support to community institutions and individuals. The center offers a wide range of rehabilitation, training, and skills development programs at different professional levels. These programs include employment programs, both permanent and temporary, paid training opportunities, self-employment programs, entrepreneurship initiatives, and incubation support for emerging projects. The center emphasizes the integration of theoretical knowledge with practical experience and encourages interdisciplinary research.

Vision of the Center:

To foster comprehensive and professional leadership and partnerships.

Mission of the Center:

To provide a comprehensive array of sustainable development services and activities that cater to the desires and needs of individuals and community institutions. The center achieves this through courses, capacity-building programs, vocational and technical training, career guidance, business development, and incubation of various entrepreneurial projects. The center operates in an open environment that promotes training, knowledge exchange, networking, and collaboration with public and private sectors, federations, trade unions, international organizations, and other stakeholders. It aims to keep pace with the advancements in science, knowledge, and technology to achieve excellence, creativity, and community engagement.

General Goal:

To provide comprehensive quality services and programs that contribute to the enhancement and development of the local community’s economic landscape while elevating the competitiveness of students from the Smart College of Modern Education and the young men and women in the community.

Center Goals:

Through the Continuing Education Center, the college aims to actively contribute to community development processes by expanding the reach of the center’s services to all segments of society. This is accomplished through offering various training, advisory, and technical services. The center aims to achieve the following goals:

1. Utilize professional skills in the workplace and establish career pathways through highly qualified, intensive, and customized vocational and technical training programs that incorporate modern technology.

2. Embrace technology to integrate vocational and technical education and training with smart education.

3. Provide professional and technical training programs that address the training needs of various sectors, including production and services, to meet the demands of the local market.

4. Develop vocational and technical training and education programs in diverse fields and at different levels to cater to the labor market’s needs.

5. Conduct research and studies that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of training programs’ implementation.

6. Collaborate with local and international training institutions interested in skill development to ensure the achievement and implementation of these goals.

7. Strengthen the role of the Smart College of Modern Education in community service and development.

Center Activities:

The center engages in the following activities:

1. Conducting surveys to assess the needs of college students and the training requirements of the community.

2. Establishing networks, fostering communication, and collaborating with partner institutions in the country.

3. Organizing internal courses and training projects.

4. Incubating projects, providing training and necessary resources to transform ideas into viable projects.

5. Overseeing international training projects in partnership with donors.

Units affiliated with the center:

1. Vocational Training and Professional Diplomas Unit

2. Vocational Studies and Counseling Unit

3. Business Incubator and Development Projects Unit

Vocational training programs offered by the center:

– Professional diplomas approved by the Palestinian Ministry of Labor.
– Field training in the labor market for students pursuing specialized professional diplomas approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
– Vocational and technical courses, including administrative, computer, language, vocational, craft, and human development courses.

The Leadership and Continuing Education Center collaborates with specialized faculty members from the college, as well as experts, consultants, distinguished trainers, and specialists in various fields. These professionals come from local and

Trainers Network