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This specialization is among the qualitative majors that provide a comprehensive range of theoretical and practical academic courses, equipping kindergarten teachers with the necessary qualifications and preparation to meet the demands of the labor market for competent and trained educational professionals. It enables them to effectively engage with young children in the preschool stage, spanning from three to eight years of age, employing scientific and educational approaches. Additionally, this specialization enables teachers to offer psychological, social, recreational, and educational services while incorporating modern technology into the teaching and learning process.

• Providing female students with the most important foundations of knowledge, skills, and academic and educational competencies in the educational fields.
• Developing a positive attitude towards volunteering and community participation in the field of family and childhood.
• Training the student to produce learning aids through different materials.
• Developing commitment to professional ethics.
• Developing scientific research skills in the field of early childhood.
• Developing social communication skills with all parties involved in the educational learning process.
• Employing modern technology in the educational learning process.

The Early Childhood Program seeks to prepare graduates who are able to:
• Get acquainted with the growth characteristics and growth demands of the early childhood stage.
• Employ her knowledge of the foundations of educational management, planning and educational technology in kindergartens.
• Design educational tools, programs, games, educational and entertaining stories, and design educational/learning environments for kindergarten children using modern technology (artificial intelligence).
• Possess the measurement and evaluation tools for the concepts of total quality in the planning, evaluation and implementation of the educational process and evaluate its performance according to the comprehensive quality standards.
• Possess the principles of modern education and ways to deal with children at different levels of educational programs for ordinary children and those with special needs.
• Choose appropriate teaching and learning strategies for the kindergarten child according to the learning style.
• Dealing with children with special needs and choosing appropriate learning strategies (integration).
• Developing a positive attitude towards professional growth and upgrading professional and personal competencies.
• Adhere to the ethics of the profession and the laws and legislation that regulate the educational and learning process.
• Acquire children moral, religious, national, and social principles and values, and enhance the cultural identity of the Palestinian child.
• Participates in research and survey groups and early intervention programs in the field of early childhood.
• Dealing with children’s problems, satisfying their needs, taking into account individual differences and thinking skills.
• Carries out educational and recreational activities for ordinary children and those with special needs.
• Active participation in social initiatives and community service.
• Spreading the culture of preserving the environment, rationalizing consumption and recycling.

• Kindergarten teacher in the governmental, private or voluntary sector.
• Behavior modification specialist.
• Preparing special software for kindergarten.
• Research assistant in scientific research in the kindergarten sector.
• Work in institutions for people with special needs, social care institutions
• Coordinator of recreational or educational activities in educational institutions, hospitals or shopping centers.
• Preparing educational and recreational games for children as a kindergarten teacher in a governmental kindergarten, private sector, or voluntary sector.

This program consists of (two) academic years, with a total of (76) credit hours.

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