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Cosmetology and Skincare

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Cosmetology and Skincare

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Academic Plan

This program represents a new challenge to meet the needs of the Palestinian market, since the enormous technological progress in this era requires exceptional skills from factory maintenance technicians or employees working in smartphones, and therefore this specialization comes with competitions, labs and workshops aimed at preparing the student to be a technician with high efficiency in the traditional and advanced control fields up to the micro-controllers

The Cosmetology and Skin Care major seeks to prepare female experts in the art of Cosmetology and skincare who can satisfy the needs of the local and regional community and develop methods and scientific research to serve the goals of community development, including:

Providing the student with essential technical, and technological skills, theories, and methodological and practical foundations for job opportunities, as well as academic information and applied skills.
Supporting the student to handle challenges, handle workplace problems, follow safety protocols, and participate in research and practical groups that improve her communication skills.
Providing students with field training in order to build up relationships with institutions related to the beauty sector, thus improving the college’s collaboration with these institutions.
Provides education to students in the art of cosmetics in its many fields, as the college offers the best and latest international technologies, informs students of the latest trends and trains them on them, and uses international equipment and tools in accordance with international and personal safety standards, and work environment safety.
Providing students with supporting sciences and health sciences including sterilization and natural beauty, color theories and techniques, chemistry, anatomy and diseases, cosmetics rules, massage techniques, and others.
Students will be able to identify components and materials, their importance, and how to manufacture or use them safely and correctly.
Learn to manage beauty centers, calculate costs, organize resources, and communicate with clients to lead a successful project.

Working in beauty salons and cosmetic centers.
Centers for selling cosmetics.
Government and private beauty, hairdressing, and skin care centers.
Local and international beauty companies.
Open and run their own cosmetic salons.
Making cosmetics-related investments.

This program consists of (two) academic years, with a total of (76) credit hours.

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