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The Smart College for Modern Education is an esteemed educational institution situated in the city of Hebron. It stands as a beacon of tradition, civilization, architectural finesse, and the rich heritage of Al-Qasimi institutions, all harmoniously combined with modernity and cutting-edge technology. At our college, students are not merely passive recipients of knowledge; instead, they actively engage with innovative and transformative technologies that prepare them to thrive in the dynamic labor market. We strive to equip our students with invaluable experience, competence, and a profound sense of creativity.

The Smart College of Modern Education endeavors to establish itself as one of the finest and most esteemed educational institutions at both the local and regional levels. Our overarching objective is to elevate performance standards in all domains, particularly in the realms of academics and professionalism, by fostering an environment conducive to innovative education.

As an integral part of our strategic vision, the Smart College of Modern Education aims to serve as a pioneering institution that caters to the national demands of the local market by nurturing highly skilled and competent individuals. We are dedicated to equipping our students with a level of distinction that sets us apart from other colleges and universities.

Smart, Modern, and Vocational

Smart College for Modern Education

How to Apply


To acquire an application package, you can make a purchase through the following websites for a fee of 200 shekels:

College Finance Department
Bank of Palestine
Al-Quds Bank


Please proceed to the enrollment application and select three majors based on your preferences and priority.

To access the enrollment application, kindly utilize the provided application number and passcode by accessing the admission page link. Proceed to complete the enrollment application by carefully filling in the necessary details. Prioritize your preferences by selecting three desired majors and ensure that all required documents are appropriately attached.


Please review the majors available for admission.

Please review the specializations available for enrollment on the registration and admissions page.

Upon submission of the application, the student will receive a confirmation message indicating the successful completion of their application. Additionally, they will be informed that they are now awaiting the outcome of their application.


Go to the Admission and Registration Department to submit the documents

After completing the application form, proceed directly to the Admission and Registration Department at the college. There, kindly submit the necessary documents to the registration officer, including:

1. A photocopy of your personal identification.
2. A certified copy of your birth certificate.
3. A certified copy of the Palestinian General Secondary School Certificate Examination or an equivalent qualification.
4. Two passport-sized photographs.

Please ensure that you have all the required documents ready for submission.


Pay the seat reservation fee

The payment for seat reservation fees can be made subsequent to receiving the final acceptance from the Admission and Registration Department.

Subsequently, you will receive the seat reservation document either via email or from the registration officer. This document encompasses the following information:

– Your academic details (college, major, university number).
– The date of your English language test submission.
– Login credentials for the electronic portal.

Lastly, it is imperative that you visit the Admission and Registration Office to obtain your university card. Please ensure to present the seat reservation document during this process.


English level exam

Once you have completed the English language proficiency test and received your results, your study schedule for the first semester will be uploaded to the online portal. Additionally, you may also obtain it directly from the admissions officer.

To monitor the status of your application, you can access the main page of the online application using the login details provided on your enrollment card. This will allow you to stay updated on the progress of your application at any time.


Non-Palestinian High School:

For students holding the Palestinian General Secondary School Certificate or those from other Arab countries, it is necessary to attach a certified copy of the transcript of the General Secondary School Certificate examination. For students who completed their General Secondary School education in 2022, please include the application for enrollment along with the transcript.

Students with foreign certificates such as SAT1 & SATII, GCE, IGCSE, GCSE, IB, German Aputar, and other recognized certificates, should attach the transcript along with the certificate equivalency document issued by the Palestinian Ministry of Education.

Students with a Bagrut certificate from 1948 Palestinian schools should provide a translated list of matriculation marks notarized by a public notary, along with a certified copy of the matriculation certificate from the Palestinian Ministry of Education.

Transfer to College:

Students who are transferring from other universities and wish to enroll in our college must provide the following:

– A copy of their personal identification card.
– A copy of their birth certificate.
– A certified copy of the transcript of the General Secondary School Certificate examination.

Additionally, students must submit:

– An official transcript from the college or university they are transferring from, duly certified by the Palestinian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
– An official course description of the completed courses studied at the previous university.

For further details regarding admission and registration procedures, please visit the following link:

You may also contact us at 02-2246666 or 1700170017, or reach out to us via email at